You spend many hours daily on the internet daily. You are dependent on it for many of your work. Well, some of your fellows may not like the internet just because they might think that it is wastage of time.

This article will help you know why people love using the internet and why should those people who think it to be wastage of time love it also. There are many applications of the internet. Some points that I will highlight in this article to prove the importance of internet are:

  • Healthy Life
  • Online Shopping
  • Get answers to the unanswered questions
  • Entertainment
  • Maps and navigation
  • Online Research
  • Internet Marketing
  • Online jobs
  • Sharing Data
  • E-banking
  • Social networking

1) Healthy Life:

Internet keeps you healthy. You might be thinking how it is possible. Well, I am saying this because when you get ill or suffer from any disease then you can search about that disease online and can know a lot from there. You can search online for the medicines also.

One more thing. Try to read online from some authentic sources about health because not all information available online is 100% correct.


2) Online Shopping:

The Internet has made shopping much easier for you. Now you don’t need to go the shopping store in the scorching heat of the sun and then wait in the queue in checkout counters for hours.

You can shop whatever you desire just by going to the e-commerce website online and completing the checkout process and then your product will be delivered to your doorstep.

3) Get answers to the unanswered questions:

Just imagine a scenario. You are completing your homework and then you get stuck on a math problem. What will you do now?

Will you call your school math teacher and asked him the solution? Well if you do this I guess you will surely get a zero in that assignment. You can easily search for the solution of your problems on the internet; there are many forums and the question-answer sites that are there for this purpose. Just make an account there and post your question. You will surely get your answer. An example of such question answer sites is Quora. You can also ask your queries in social media. I will share my own experience here. When I get stuck on any question then I simply post the question in Facebook groups related to that subject and get answers from there.

4) Entertainment:

Who else love music? You can enjoy your favorite music online and listen to them whenever you want. You can also download the latest one in your PC or laptop and enjoy them. Some other source of entertainment that internet provides us are:

  • Online games
  • Movies and cartoons

5) Maps and navigation:

You can use it to reach your destination. I bet you would never get lost if you use it carefully.

6) Online research:

You can get a lot of information online and do a good research by using the internet. Using it you can also get some good skills by watching online tutorials. Before going somewhere or buying something you can search for it online to see if it is good for you or not.

7) Internet marketing:

Internet marketing refers to promoting your product online. It consists of advertising and much more. Its so me types are listed below

  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display marketing
  • Email marketing
  • SEM(Search engine marketing)


Overcome the obstacles by bridging the gap the between the devices. 67% of the online shopper start shopping on one device and complete it on another. This means that if you fail to bridge the communication gap when customers are sequentially screening between the devices, the customer will fall into the limbo. Ensure that your checkout process is easy and flexible on all devices.

The customer will fall into the limbo. Ensure that your checkout process is easy and flexible on all devices.

In fact, most of the marketers admit to the fact that a comprehensive multi device marketing strategy is no longer an option; it’s a must have. In this infographic below, compiled by GO-Gulf Dubai web development company, you can see that 84% of marketers feel that must draft have a comprehensive multi-device content strategy to target customers on every possible channel.

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