Are you doing your best, investing time and money on your virtual business but still not getting the expected results? Do you feel your website has improved in rankings and performance to a certain level but it is not in your capability to take it beyond that? Are you looking for a website analysis tool that you can use to optimize your site for a better score?

Why use a website analysis tool?

Well, you are not alone, millions of users, rather billions try websites. They can check where they are lacking and then improve it. If you are an expert programmer with proper SEO knowledge, you might be able to do these fixes on your own. However, most of the times it is better to rely on a professional website analysis tool, because they are made after extensive research and evaluation. It takes just a few seconds or minutes to analyze your website and they work on the improvements if you allow so. These tools can identify core issues in a matter of second, give suggestions and fix problems earlier than you can imagine.

Which website analysis tool is most recommended?

Running a digital marketing agency for web design and development, I often get queries from clients who want to improve their existing websites. Sometimes their site maps are missing or they have a super intelligent website addressing a certain problem but it has high loading time. These issues can impact the overall score and impression of your website for a user as well as for the search engines. Most solutions on the first results of Google are reliable however, owing to my personal experience you have to be careful with which website analysis tool functions the best in a longer term and does not charge you any upfront amount or hidden charges. Here is an honest review for website owners looking to have a significant improvement in their site’s performance and ranking.

OptimizeMySite- A tool you can trust

OptimizeMysite is an easy to use, fast and efficient program that lets you fix the core and minor all sorts of issues in your website on page SEO and performance. When you visit the website, you will simply type your URL and the keyword you are targeting, they will take a few seconds or minutes to get the complete report to you. The best part is that they don’t charge you upfront. You can even add more than one keywords and your competitors to see how you are performing relatively. Here are the first four things you will see, when you audit your website with this website analysis tool.

  • Position In Google
  • Page In Google
  • Good Signals
  • Optimization Problems

The values inside the boxes are random of course, they will be; according to your website performance. Here is an overview of things that this amazing website analysis tool will show you without charging you a dime.


This is an analysis of your URL, whether it contains your keyword, and has the appropriate length and format to suit search engine preferences


OptimizeMySite will evaluate your pages based on different factors like MozRank, authority of your pages and Moztrust. This is not all, this awesome website analysis tool has much more to offer.


These are the tags that the tool will analyze for you:3. Heading tags: H1, H2, etc. are the heading tags

  • Title tag: Analysis of the title tag of your page, the text next to favicon in your browser. Whether it has the right length and keywords or not.
  • Description tag: Meta description that shows in search results when someone looks up your page on Google.
  • Heading tags: H1, H2, etc. are the heading tags


The amount of content on your page, the use of keywords and the density all of this is included in the copy analysis. Helps you improve your content and plan in a more strategic way. The tool will also tell you the Top Keywords on your Page.


This is an analysis of all the images present on your web page, whether they contain proper alt texts or not. Do not worry if you don’t understand a certain term as the tool also provides a description of each.


This is an analysis of your webpage is performing on social media networks like Google plus page following, Facebook likes, Twitter engagement etc.


Since most of your audience is accessing your website through a mobile device, it is important to know how your website is performing on mobile devices. Whether it has a good layout for smaller screens and is optimized for different resolutions are some things you will get to know using this website analysis tool.


The quality of code on your website is essential to have better performance, loading time and ranking. The tool analyses your front end code, makes sure you are meeting the W3C standards and points out what needs to be fixed. If you can’t do it on your own, they will also offer help for you.


The size of your web page, it is an important factor while calculating user experience and search engine score so the tool will analyze that and report to you. The next section will be analysis of the links on your page. DOMAIN ANALYSIS This is most important part because this is a complete evaluation of your domain. The value of a domain depends upon the backlinks it is getting. These backlinks should be high in quality and if there are any spammy sites linking to your page, you need to get rid of them.� The tool will show you all the critical details about indexed pages, sitemap, robot txt, Favicon to name a few. You can start using the tool now to see what else they offer. After you have gone through the audit of your site and see critical errors, don’t get disappointed, they are ready to fix this for you. You can get in touch with them or us to find professionals that can help you optimize your page
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